15 Best Travel Guitars in 2022

To travel without a good companion is not worth a travel.

It’s indeed a blissful moment when you start to get comfortable with the tunes of your guitar.

Whether it’s a soulmate or indeed any musical instrument, each one of us gets bewildered as long as a good company doesn’t bless us.

So, when we specifically say, ‘Best Travel Guitar‘, it may fulfill a person, sometimes when an old company can’t. Agree?

When you begin to flush out your worries and anxieties as you spring to sing and start pulling some strings, haven’t you felt, then, it matches with the tunes of your heart!

Then what are you waiting for? Here we are, for a passionate traveler, just like you!

You will not only find the best travel guitars with most accurate descriptions and reviews but also the ones which are simplified for a better understanding.

We have exclusively revealed the ‘15 All-Time Best Travel Guitar‘ after rigorous research on this topic, oriented in such a manner that would surely compel you to grab one of these travel mates.

So without any further delay, we request you to join us for a simple, clear and better understanding.

Here are the Top 15 Best Travel Guitars

1.Yamaha APTX2 ¾ Size Acoustic-Electric Guitar:

Best Travel Guitars

Yamaha has triumphed over all other travel acoustic guitars to be #1 on our list.

Yamaha is a very renowned name in the guitar world.

We have highlighted some key points, including every minute details ranging from striking features to lukewarm ones.

First, let us jump onto striking ones:

Being small and comfortable, it has a better cutaway design, which appears to be modern rather than the traditional design, thus, leading to easy manipulation of the lower frets.

The equalizer in this guitar works pretty well, and the piezo pickup can be adjusted, according to one’s need, with the equalizer.

The built-in tuner makes it more captivating to buy.

One of the best features of Yamaha is that it uses a proprietary type of technology in their pickups, creating the best pleasing sound.

Moreover, it has a decent headroom in the volume control for you.

The radius and size of its neck make it very convenient for someone who is suffering from arthritis or any other bone-related diseases.

Being 3/4th size, it gets easily fit into the overhead bin in the plane.

And not only that, it can easily be transported in a car, bike, or any other medium.

Few Lukewarm Features are:

The neck edges at fretboard seem round and tend to be sharp, which can end to pain your hands as you handle it for a long duration.

Sometimes, you may face problems with the tuning keys.

To rectify this, you may purchase gears of high quality, such as Grover 502C Roto-Grip Locking Rotomatic Tuners or Schaller Locking Tuning Machine Heads.

Many users have observed that the on-buttons tends to be flicking as they become loose after playing some notes over it.

You may also try to replace Yamaha bushing. Try B bushings or any other tuning keys as the perfect replacements.

On high E, little fret buzz may be felt because of your innocence. So, don’t blame Yamaha for that! 


  • Robust and comfortable.
  • Built in tuner.
  • Quality headroom


  • Tuning keys problem.
  • Round fret board.
  • Buzzing on high E.

Liking it… Keep reading!

2.Martin Steel Spring Backpacker:

Martin Backpacker vs Washburn Rover

Being an all-time favorite for the guitarists, Martin Steel Spring Backpacker has to be on our #2 position, inculcating the best and useful features.

Now, let us drive through the lanes of best features:

The quality workmanship is felt when you embrace this ravishing instrument.

Initially use straps, sit will help to balance it on their knees easily.

Even quality bags are desired for all sorts of users. 

The tight tuning knobs makes it stand out from the crowd, and when you stay in the flow, it actually feels great and solid.

It has a vibrant, complete, and subtle sound considering its low action and small form factor, making it easy to handle. 

Talking out the overhead bin, it fits with ease. 

Hence, it sounds great, the action is low and perfect, and being heavy, one should go for the strap.

Few not-so-good features:

One of the drawbacks may be faced due to the large neck, which hinders the flow of the playability.

Even after the strap, it may loosen on your body, so try to take note of this.

The height of the string is little on a high side, making it less efficient to use.

Non-availability of the truss rod is also a significant setback of this guitar. 


  • Rich sound.
  • Action is perfect.
  • Best tuning knobs.


  • No truss rod.
  • Loose straps.
  • Large neck problem.

3.Taylor BT2 Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar:

Best Travel Guitar

Taylor guitars have always been dominant in the eyes of the users; hence, it conquers #3 place on our list.

Striking features are:

With its appearance and size, it sounds fantastic.

Being endowed with a round back helps to think about the decrement in low-end and of resonance.

To preserve it from ruining in the heat (whether dry or wet), it has a humidifier in it containing smooth frets with the small and loud package.

The appreciable tuners with mahogany being carved with equal surety.

In an acoustic duet with other big guitars, it assembles well. So, what are you waiting for? Grab it now!

It has an excellent mid-to-high range sound, which is neat, crisp, and soothing.

The neck is bolt-on having the hardware, chrome in nature.

The matte finish feels suitable to be transported and played anywhere.

Lukewarm features are:

Fingerboard seems to be fading after a few years, so better be careful with this.

There has been a buzz on E, A, D strings (that are top three), even can be felt on 5th fret!


  • Humidifier is available.
  • Awesome tuners.
  • Fantastic sound.


  • Fading fingerboards.
  • Buzzing sound occurs

4.Cordoba Mini M Travel Acoustic Nylon String Guitar:

travel classical guitar

Being shuffled among top ranks, it finally rests on #4 place on our list.

Hot features you should look for:

Equipped with excellent intonation, it has a decent tone and a reasonable volume.

Being mini in size makes it easy to be traveled along.

When it comes to the A tuning, the sound is so phenomenal.

The neck is perfect, and one significant advantage over all other acoustic travel guitar is that it requires no strap (due to its convenient neck and craftsmanship), 

Posture comparatively better than most of the known ones.

Cold Features you shouldn’t overlook:

Though fingerboard protection needs your attention as there is nothing to save it, once damaged.

It needs to be set up; meanwhile, the action is also at the top, which is too high, may give inconvenience, to bar a chord.

The strings are relatively upper tension for fingerpicking, and this needs to be looked after, before purchasing this guitar.

Though there has been a fuss about the massive head of this guitar, so make sure it fits your type.

A buzzing sound can be heard while playing, and the A & D strings may vibrate spontaneously when you might be playing high A string open.


  • Best for travel.
  • Amazing sound.
  • Tuning is superb.


  • Heavy head.
  • High on strings.
  • Strong fingerboard

5.Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Acoustic-Electric Travel Guitar:

are travel guitars worth it

Being considered as ‘gem’ in the world of travel guitars, it secures #5 place on our list.

Best features are highlighted below:

One of the best features of this guitar is that it has an adjustable truss rod.

Hopping onto the tuners, it works exceptionally well and is protected from any external jerks or sudden falls, and it is the one you are looking for!

Superb design with the workmanship is quite astonishing, acquiring intonation at its best.

Being light, it can be carried quite easily.

Have a proper tone connected through any mobile devices with full-size neck, as per the demand of the enthusiastic acoustic guitar lovers.

Not-so-good are mentioned as:

One of the most significant setbacks you could see in this is that it has no volume control.

It also has another minor problem that it couldn’t be played well without the strap. So, purchase one for this.

When you stand and try to hold it firmly, it doesn’t make a proper appreciation and requires you to settle down first.

The action out of the box is entirely too high.


  • Suitable truss rod.
  • Light and comfortable.
  • Fabulous design.


  • No volume control.
  • Not best to stand and play.
  • Can’t play without strap.

6.Yamaha FG JR1 3/4th Size Travel Acoustic Guitar:

best travel guitar for metal

After topping our list, Yamaha once again made a comeback, securing #6 place on our list.

Striking points are:

The guitar has a beautiful look to adore the convenience of portability.

When we discuss the portability, it’s so firm that you can play it anywhere, in the world, on any occasion, regardless of place, location, weather!

The tuners are quite comfortable to be held on your laps as well as while standing.

They turn smoothly and, thus, stays in tune, according to your needs.

The one with small hands can rejoice after purchasing this as you can change chords faster because you have the suitability of less space to cover in this guitar.

It has guitar strap buttons, adjustable truss rod, frets tend to be at level, and action is quite reasonable right out of the box.

One who has already used the full-size guitar may feel a bit low after hearing its tone, but as far as 3/4th size guitar is taken into consideration, it has the low E-string, with a pretty good tone.

Lukewarm points are:

One may require to tune it repeatedly as there is a problem of half-decent sound from the guitar.

Muffled sound is also being noted.


  • Best for small hands.
  • Robust truss rod.
  • Neck is quite good.


  • Repeated tuning.
  • Defective from sides.

7.Luna Safari Series Muse Mahogany 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar:

travel guitars for sale

Luna Safari Series is also one of the most renowned company of guitar, thus, reaching #7 on our list.

Hot Points to be relied upon:

It has the truss rod, which is a huge plus point of this guitar.

When we consider the inlays of the frets, we always look for the one which is charming and lovely; hence, this is the one you are looking for.

Being well balanced, it holds a prominent value in the world of travel acoustic guitars.

An incredible artwork can easily be seen in this guitar, which makes it palpable for many guitarists.

Cold points can’t be overlooked are:

It does seem by many that it lacked at the lower end, which is a point that you can’t just miss here!

Many have felt the quality of the sound as cheap and downgrading, so pay heed to this point too.

One may also perceive the shape of the guitar as cheap.


  • Good truss rod.
  • Well balanced.
  • Frets are a joy.


  • Not a great sound.
  • Not a great wood.

8.Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Solid Body Electric Guitar (ULE MPS):

travel classical guitar

Have already been topping our list, with its grace and elegance, another type of Traveler Guitar makes a comeback at #8 on our list.

Best Features to be looked:

It’s a high quality built traveler guitar which makes in palpable in limited dimensions.

Even though it is considered as really compact (in length), but has a standard type of scale length.

Adorned with a single twin rail pickup, it has a quite a decent sound even though it has no tone controls or volume controls.

The quality of this mini guitar is supreme, and the neck plays well.

One of the best features is that it has a very cool tuning system that uses regular strings, producing tune very soothing.

It only has one humbucker, which is being ideally placed for different amp models, thereby making it one of the best travel guitars in the market.

The bag which can be purchased could be a minimalist one having cords, extra strings, picks, a pocket, etc.

The another best feature of this guitar is that it requires no setup having frets and action, falling in the top category.

Intonation and saddle are also great.

Not-So-Good features can’t be overlooked: 

Body edge and the corner of the guitar may dig into the forearm, which is a minor demerit.

This guitar needs some closed pickguard/ swivel open over the bottom three tuning heads, which is also a slight drawback.

It doesn’t have a volume knob, nor the pick up is quite good.

Complains have been received about the balance problem too.

It has a heavy fretboard and may have a cumbersome and cheap strap, attaching at the top.


  • Good quality.
  • Sound is pleasing.
  • Best intonation.


  • No volume knob.
  • Balance problem.
  • Fretboard is heavy

9.Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top:

best travel guitar for airplane

Gretsch has become a known brand in the ocean of the best travel guitars.

Hot points to ponder:

Being durable, it has a decent sound.

It stays in tune with the requirement of the user.

Perfect in size and durable to carry along.

It has a decent sound, which is a must for every guitarist to appreciate. 

When you drive your thoughts towards fingerpicking, it is considered as good.

Durable, with a solid body having a great sound.

Cold Points to Ponder:

It doesn’t found to be decent pick strumming.

Some users complain about the sound, which is not unusual! 

It doesn’t consider to be the best in terms of intonation and action.


  • Solid body.
  • Good sound.


  • Not good at action.
  • Bad at intonation.

10.Washburn RO10 TB Rover Steel String Travel Acoustic Guitar:

best travel guitar for beginners

Washburn has been a demanding travel acoustic guitar, suggested by many enthusiastic guitarists, thus, fielding at #10th on the list.

Striking points to be known:

The neck heaviness of this guitar is something.

It comes with a decent strap, a wrench to adjust the truss rod, an instructive CD, an extra bridge saddle, and a couple picks for you!

The body is grasped to be sturdy, producing a crisp, accurate, and great sound.

Meanwhile, the playability is considered very good by many.

The decisive point is that it can be taken along with you anywhere, as the volume is perfect for any conditions.

Lukewarm Points to be known:

Here, attaching the strap to the headstock can categorize it to settle clumsily.

One may adjust the truss rod but still may remain unplayable for many.

Though it has a decent wide fingerboard and overall, prudish build, the action is set too high for someone with small hands, or any teenager.


  • Decent body.
  • Great sound.
  • Perfect volume.


  • High action.
  • Uncomfortable truss rod adjustment.

11.SX Trav 1 Travelling Guitar Portable:

best travel guitar for the money

This easy to carry instrument has become a known face in the updated best travel guitars, thus, securing the #11 position on our list.

Hot features:

It is light, little, and slender, thus making it suitable for any user, regardless of age or size, to use.

Its finish and fitting have been winning hearts across the globe.

It has low action, which is suitable for many users.

It has a deep resonating sound, like a full-size guitar. 

The finger styling is decent.

Action straight out of the box of this robust little instrument is smooth and appreciable.

Intonation is up to the neck, which is a bonus to many.

The tuners are excellent.

Cold features:

For the large hand size, it may be arduous to play.

The complaints have always been floating about the bridge being separating from the soundboard, so this point should be kept in mind before purchasing.


  • Great sound.
  • Low action.
  • Light and easy to use.
  • Best for small hands.


  • Not good for large hands.
  • No truss rod.

12.Yamaha GL1 Guitalele, Natural:

best travel guitar for planes

Hot points to be looked:

Its a best cross between the baritone ukulele and Classical Guitar.

Intonation is high-grade, and there are no dead frets or sharp frets.

The neck is quite playable for any user.

Tuning heads feels quite sturdy, holding it’s tuning quite functional and have a decent sound.

Their tuning peg/head tend to be eccentric.

Endowed with a sweet sound, it has an astonishing number of sustain.

The open-faced gears and tuners tend to be of a higher caliber than many travel guitars.

Cold points that can’t be overlooked:

Many users have mentioned the strings problem.

The saddle is considered quite high in this guitar.

The body of the instrument and the fretboard is taken as ‘dry’ by many users


  • Best tuning pegs.
  • Great sound.
  • Decent neck.


  • Problem with string.
  • High saddle.

13.Fender CP-100 Parlor Small-Body Acoustic Guitar:

best travel guitar for jazz

Striking Points are:

The crisp sound of this very best traveler guitar is very appealing.

The tonal character is mid-range inclining but does push sufficient bass to manage.

The tuners are astonishingly tight and smooth to handle.

It is a pure, vintage class.

And, it has remarkable quality control.

Lukewarm points are: 

The building of the fretboard is not completed as desired.

The high strings, i.e., A & E, seems to be lacking a lot of punch in it.

Though its finishing has a number of flaws.

The nut seems to be quite irregular cut-hefty grit sanding scrapes.


  • Tight tuners.
  • Craftsmanship is great.


  • Not suitable with nuts.
  • A number of defects in finishing.
  • Fretboard not up to mark.

14.Johnson JG-TR2 Travel Guitar with Bag

It comes along with a travel bag which is something necessary when you want to go on a travel trip with your guitar.

The guitar is made out of the mahogany & rosewood materials which directly contribute to the overall performance & quality.

The neck has 22 frets & fretboard got dot inlays which are best for someone that is only starting to play guitar. Also, the small button ‘’ die-cast’’ tuning allows you to easily tune the guitar without any issues.


  • Good action.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Durable and playable


  • Not so satisfying material

15.Yamaha SLG 200S Steel String Silent Guitar:

best travel guitar in the world

Hot notes to be taken:

No doubt it looks so beautiful, and the wood and finish is of the best quality.

The built-in tuner works decently.

The tune of this beautiful instrument stays astonishingly well.

The neck, as desired by many, is comfortable and can be easily held firmly.

The way of playing/carrying the guitar and the balance is satisfying.

Cold points which can’t be left aside are:

The tone controls and volume are tough to get to.

The finishing problem in this guitar can be seen and could have been better.

The high E string is missing on the mic, and even absent with the pickup.

The triumphing bass can’t be handled easily, even by the bass control cut all the way away.


  • Great workmanship.
  • Great built-in tuner.


  • Bad volume control.
  • Not a good finish.

What makes a guitar the best travel guitar?

What choices must you go for when you are searching for your favorite travel guitar? And what are the other options which you must take care of?

There are many questions that you have to think before buying a perfect guitar that fulfills all your needs, but have you ever gotten to know everything in detail? 

I think you rejected that point, but now no more as we present to you a few easy, and simple methods, that will help you out.

Just sit back, relax, and note down the details.

1. Price: Above everything, price is the most crucial factor that one can’t comprise. This deciding factor is quite essential, along with the other three essential elements.

You may get all the factors on a single guitar, but many a time, the budget doesn’t seem to be promising. But in our website, you will get to know every minute detail you must know. 

And for your convenience, we have exclusively picked some of the best travel guitars under 1000, which you must check out!

2. Portability: What makes a guitar, fascinating is the ease and convenience with which it can be taken along, anywhere in the world.

The best travel guitar must be portable, whether you are traveling by road, by flight, or by train. This factor should always be noted as, without it, everything seems small.

In that case, we have penned down some of the best travel guitars which are the best to be taken along and which are not to be, which you must go through.

3. Playability: It is said that the smaller the guitar, the less playable it becomes. If you want to know which one is better between travel guitar and ukulele, or travel guitar and guitalele, you must go through our website. 

If you want a rich and better sound, you must go for the travel guitar who has been famous in this business. For that, Yamaha APXT2 ¾ size acoustic guitar, Martin Steel-String Backpacker, and Taylor BT2 Baby Taylor, and many other acoustic guitars, all are organized under 1000.

4. Guitar Style: Finally, a factor which is one of the most promising and most essential is the guitar’s style. The electric guitar is slimmer than the acoustic guitar, but when it comes to all the other factors, as mentioned earlier, acoustic wins the competition.

Travel Guitar vs Regular Guitar

Regular Guitar 

Full size or a regular guitar is around 96.5 cm long (38 inches), having a scale length of 64.8 cm. In terms of sound, it generates music from the strings that is amplified by the hollow acoustic body.

Usually, they are larger and may become a headache to be taken along while travelling. Damage, extra luggage, and hassle are complimentary with it, to be straight!

The strings are made of nylon, thicker, and you have to press them harder to get the right notes, but alas, they break easily.

Due to the holes, there are limited amount of frets on the neck, thereby, limited scale to play on. 

Travel Guitar

Because of its compact structure, i.e., small size and a boon for the people with little hands, travel guitar are the ones you always look for when you travel with your luggage and what not!

Baby Taylor, Martin Backpacker, Cordoba Mini M, and Little martin are examples of these. Full fretboard and small fretboard make the difference too!

Sound quality is clearer, smoother, and more appealing than regular ones. And, so does the volume.

Travel Guitar vs Ukulele: What’s better value Travel Guitar:

It is a compact guitar that is shorter than a standard guitar. They either have a full length or a full scale.

The shorter length of the scale is usually found as one quarter, three quarters and one half, meant for kids/teenagers.


  • Best for travelling.
  • Smaller body size.
  • Low price as compared to full-size acoustic guitar.


  • Not sound as a normal one.
  • Not feel as regular size guitar.


It is a guitar with only four strings and is considered as easy to hold, small and user friendly.

It has come from the lute instruments’ family, and it has been a new sensation in the world of music.


  • Best for beginners.
  • Easy to use.
  • Unique songwriting is possible.


  • Less range of tone.

Which is Better? A conclusion

We have served you with all the possible points we know about them, and now it depends on you to pick the one which suits you according to your budget and quality.

I hope you choose the best, and nothing less! (Even though both of them are best in itself!)

Travel Guitar vs Guitalele: Things You Must Know Travel Guitar:

These are little guitars with smaller or lesser scale length.

They are the most reliable partner of any music lover when one has to travel from place to place, via road, rail or flight.

They are known for their quality and tone.


  • Flexibility.
  • Comfort.
  • Reliability.
  • Efficiency.


Not feel as a regular guitar.


It is a cross between a tenor ukulele and an old-style guitar.

They are tuned just like the guitar and have been known as “6- string ukulele”.


  • Value for money.
  • Smaller and lighter than a regular guitar.
  • 1/4 size guitar.


  • Too close strings for many.

Conclusion:- Utilize what is best for you and know that we are always ready to help you out.

Both of them have unique abilities, and the taste does vary from person to person, so instead of forming a summary, we have decided that you decide your own needs.



The OB660 was designed after devoting many hours of analysis and research to create a bass that seems good with expert players’ demands.

One may pack the guitar in no more than a minute, as the Overhead travel bass neck gets detached in few seconds.

The stainless-steel neck mechanism, which is detachable, gives quick adjustment of the neck angle, which means one may alter the action in a few minutes.


  • compact design for easy transport.
  • resist temperature and humidity changes.
  • Easy to Setup
  • Plugin Capable.
  • Fits in airline overhead.
  • Acoustic Neck and Nut


  • Action is relatively high.
  • Spacing of strings on the bridge is not regular.

We must say that one must try it at least once. The specifications, the finish this guitar has, is found rarely. 

All the best!



The NTX acoustic-electric classical guitar easily accommodates a wide range of musical and playing styles and offers the perfect place to explore your music and nylon string sound.

The NTX700C features solid Cedar on the top board and delivers a rich sound with a robust response.


  • Exquisite craftsmanship.
  • The sound of the guitar is quite impressive.
  • Quite smooth to play.
  • The bass & treble control used to adjust the volume of the upper & lower strings.


  • Not suitable for fingerpicking.

With so much to love, then what are you waiting for?

Grab it, and start creating your music!


Seymour Duncan SH4 JB Model Humbucker

The Seymour Duncan SH-4JB has been creating one of the best guitar pickups for the world for the past many years. It is best for everything, ranging from heavy metal to heavy blues. 

The world’s most famous humbucker is the SH-1JB. It provides slamming output while keeping aggressive harmonics, singing highs, & a significant distortion & sustain blend. 

It usually flows to raw rock ‘n’ roll from sweet, warm tones. The JB has the best treble detail when matched with the SH-14 Custom 5. Few users have it with 250K pots to have a smooth flow of the highs. 

It usually arrives with cable of 4-conductor hookup. It is best to be kept for the bridge position. 

Like, for versatility, Seymour’s dear which is SH-2n Jazz, or for classic PAF tones, SH-1 ’59, here, a JB can be hooked with a neck pickup. This is designed for warm & balanced instruments. Works excellent with fingerboards of rosewood.


  • Beautiful Clean Tones
  • Heavy Overdrive Tone
  • Pushed Mids 
  • Bb King to Metallica


  • No such particular issue we have come across yet.

Best for backup, Concerts, and Practicing too. Also, it Improves A Cheap Guitar, & Expensive Guitar, Tone Shaping Live, & Recording.

It is relatively easy to install, has excellent sound, and almost no hum! 

If anyone is searching for a crisp treble/mid-tone, we would ask him to get this pickup. An SD vintage middle pickup adds something more beautiful to it!


Squier by Fender

Fender Play provides new & returning guitar & bass. It provides an easy-to-use platform for ukulele players to have the skills required to play smoothly. 

Here, the lessons are riff- & song- based utilizing famous & quick known songs, & the ever-growing song library gives a variety of genres with even more being added in it, quite frequently. 

This instrument’s “C”-shaped neck profile (which is the shape of the neck in cross-section) is comfortable, provided to give a playing feel of vintage-style. 


  • Thin neck is best for smaller hands too.
  • Full-size body & thick so that thick tremolo block would fit easily.
  • It usually comes with a set up except for minor tuning.


  • The electronics may not be of decent quality.
  • Sometimes, the buzz may get too intense.

We would finally conclude this guitar by stating that it is best as a starter. As one gets bored of it, it is a useful instrument for upgrading/modding too.


In 2003, the Transportation Security Administration, i.e., TSA and the American Federation of Musicians, came to an agreement, authorizing flights to carry guitars as verified luggage and as objects, accompanied by the passengers.
So, for that, we have penned down a few tips that you must go through.


  • Measurements and policies

Check with the airlines is recommended by the TSA (before booking flights) to get sure about the procedures related to the instruments you can carry.
Find out the length in inches of your guitar, including the case
According to Taylor’s Guitars, one can do this by calculating the sum of the case’s LBH.
Do print a copy of the policy of the airline to be taken with you.

  • Guitars as Carry-Ons

Only one musical instrument to be taken as carry-on are the TSA guidelines, so choose your instrument accordingly.

  • Guitar as Checked Baggage

Check-in as baggage in your own risk as it may get damaged, stolen, or lost, so prepare a sturdy case and keep it inside.

  • Flight Cases and Gig Bags

Buy a foam of high-density as a gig bag with solid panels only when your motive is to bring your guitar as a carry-on, and you are sure about that.
The passengers should acquire the steel-framed and strong cases sold by the Air Transport Association.

  • Lose the Strings

It is highly recommended to do as changes in air pressure at height can cause snap to the headstocks and strings of tightly wound guitars, so let us refrain from that problem.


Maybe you are searching for something which now fits your strength. Perhaps you also want to learn more and get the best out of the instrument your
Passion never dies with your age, but it blooms to get much better and more stimulating.

Anyway, let us now find out what you have thinking, looking, and trying to get your hands on.

  • Go for a better inspected and adjusted guitar for easy playability. This is the most important as well as a neglected point in choosing a guitar.
  • Only two things are required to play gracefully: the nature of your instrument, i.e., quality and the accuracy of the adjustments for easy playability.
  • If any of them gets compromised, you will get nothing out of your instrument, and it will be diffident for you.

There are a few examples where one plays the guitar but finds it dull. What we found that the problem is mostly in the instrument and not in your techniques.
When strings are quite high above the fingerboard, guitars seem difficult or impossible to play, which requires more strength to push them against the frets.
So better check before buying them.

Choose the right size guitar

It certainly gets terrible and uncomfortable when you have to raise your arm, equivalent to your shoulders, to reach your instrument.

A guitar that is quite large will get problematic for you to keep your right and left hands in a proper position. See you have to be particular about size, you need a best portable travel guitar not some big best turntable that is not much handy.

For adults, full-size guitars may be comfortable, yet we recommend to try before making a final decision

Go for the one which appeals you the most

You won’t be disappointed if you are a hard-working person who knows how to reach their goals, because only then you know about the importance of a good instrument.

Choosing your guitar is all about how you approach your life and what you learn from it. A decent guitar is all that you should go for.

To get yourself motivated and focused, choose the kind of guitar that appeals to you the most.

Acoustic guitar or nylon string classical guitar are best when you are into singer/music writers, folk, or a mellow, laid-back type of music.

An electric guitar is yours when your love is rock, jazz, new county, or blues.
There are no definite rules, and one should go for the comfortability and the taste of music.


Travel guitars are small guitars with a complete scale-length or are regular in size.

It is best to know that guitars having a small length of the scale are intended for children with lengths of scale as one-half, one-quarter, which are guitalele or ukulele three-quarter too.

Let us now check a few models which are unique are best for your usage:

C. F. Martin

1. Model: Backpacker

It is an elongated triangle-shaped, i.e., a very small guitar that looks the same to certain kinds of psaltery as far as shape is concerned.

Martin’s Backpacker is manufactured to be less expensive and portable yet constructed of woods that are supreme.

Robert McAnally designed this famous guitar before Martin bought the design.

The Backpacker was the first guitar which was taken into space, and up to the Mount Everest.

Flying with a Guitar

There have been many instances when you have faced many issues regarding the instruments in your flight. But now you don’t need to worry about anything as we have come up with some useful tips which will be beneficial for you.

  • Stuff your instrument badly

Guitars are gentle, which we must take care of. Your guitar should have extra padding and protection by keeping a few t-shirts, inner wears, or anything soft.

The neck and headstock are quite usual and breakpoints, which should be taken care of, especially when you are carrying a guitar.

  • Lose the guitar’s strings

It is seen that temperature and pressure fluctuate in flight which then strain on your guitar, snapping the good mahogany neck, when you haven’t loosened the strings.

  • Know which airlines allow guitars as carry-ons.

It is highly recommended from our side to check whether they allow instruments as baggage or as carry-ons.

  • Get a Travel Guitar

Search for the ones which fit your preferences, budget, and utility.

And for that, check out our other articles.

  • Ship it

You can consider shipping your guitar (even though it is not the best solution though) when the airlines don’t allow them as carry-ons.

  • Get a good case

Invest your money on affordable cases and gig bags.

  • Be Gentle

Even though everything doesn’t seem to be going your way still, don’t get agitated or fall into a heated argument with the authorities, while travelling from one place to another.

Refrain from conflicts as only in a calm mind; the right decisions can be taken. Find the solution instead to argue, and try to resolve the matter, with politeness and courtesy

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