Can Travel Acoustic Guitars Be Plugged into Amps

Do travel acoustic guitars usually sound better when plugged and played through an acoustic guitar amplifier?

Generally, this question gets raised by every individual so that they can get pleasing and alluring sound, anywhere, regardless of the location, weather, and audience.

So can a travel acoustic guitar be plugged into amps?

Some of the important points are mentioned below:

  1. We aren’t sure if an “acoustic intensifier” is required: it’s only an ordinary speaker with modest changes in the EQ stack. 
  1. Travel acoustics, if you hear the little Martin Backpacker and so forth, can’t allow enough passage without anyone else’s input, yet should sound great as intensified. 
  1. We think the best utilization of travel acoustics is that they have a nut in addition. 
  1. On the off chance that you need to get the most flawless sound from your acoustic guitar, the appropriate response is “no”. The explanation behind this is the point at which you play acoustics, and you need to increase the sound of the guitar, which comes for the major part from the hand-picked tonewoods that were utilized to manufacture the instrument. 
  1. The main objective is to make the required sound of your acoustics stronger. Not the same as when you plug an electric guitar with pickups and controls that primarily affect the sound into an electric intensifier, set to turn up medium and high frequencies. 
  1. Numerous acoustic speakers have largely created fabulous notes for low and high repeat sounds. 
  1. With every one of these strengths, you can ideally replicate the familiar tone of your acoustic guitar. Remember that the best acoustic intensifiers duplicate bass and treble without ruining anything.
  1. It would be best if you also had a sound framework or a full-repeating acoustic enhancer (or console).

Can you play an electro-acoustic guitar without an amp?

Before starting to discuss the main topic, let’s go through the utility of amplifier:

  • To simplify the sound, you may go with the amp as they are best for the guitarists who love some extra volume for many good reasons.
  • Amplifier and guitar have such a strong bond that it has helped many guitarists to create a mesmerizing world through their music.
  • For a shallow body guitar, though you may lose tone unplugged and volume they may sound great.
  • A full-bodied electric or acoustic guitar sound as great as acoustic.

Now lets us talk about playing without amp :

  • As already discussed, they may feel great, but the truth is that they do have some demerits.
  • First, amps are expensive as for the beginners, and it may be tough for them to allocate a few more bucks to buy it.
  • Even though solid-state and digital amps are regularly improving, making them lighter, still they may be burdensome for you.
  • Also, during gigs, rehearsals, and jam sessions, transporting them will be quite tricky for you.

How can you play without an amp?

  • Headphone Amps – It works by plugging into the guitar’s input jack, thus producing a sound from their headphone out jack.
  • These also offer a necessary spin on their manufacture’s unique sound meaning like an Amplug 2 AC30 produces a crisper, pleasing sound while Pocket POD gives distorted, big sound.
  • Non-Guitar Amps – Plugging the guitar into the stereo when you dont have amp, these work best for you.
  • They may not sound as good as an amp, but they are quite close to them.
  • Unplug and play – Though electric guitars sound quite weaker than acoustic guitars, unplugging still stands tall while you play to improve your skills.


As we discussed many ways to enhance the volume of the electric guitar, it’s up to you to go with your choice, though amps have always been the best among the best.

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