6 Awesome facts about Travel Guitar

The best notion about travel guitar is that it gives you freedom, elegance, charm when you walk on the road, carrying it on your shoulders with much ease and comfort.

Here are some facts about Travel Guitar

  1.  A sense of Independence

You can perform anywhere when you have a travel guitar with you.

Be it streets, house party, pool party, beach party, or any festival/function, whether in the locality or through Skype.

You select the place, and travel guitar works for you.

Professionals, amateurs, and even beginners can carry it with themselves to learn from different cultures, religions, etc. 

You may create your tunes by exploring new places, and then recording, assembling, editing, and uploading it on any social media, and then see the spark turning into the fire!

  1. A sense of Flexibility 

The amount of space acquired by the travel guitar is quite small.

Whether you are travelling by bike, cycle, car, or any other transport medium, it doesn’t take much of your space.

Preferably, it gets adjusted to your accommodation.

It doesn’t even take a lot of time to be packed. It gets easily adjusted with your travel belongings in no time. 

  1. A sense of comfort

It gets effortlessly convenient as you carry it on your hands, and play.

You get into the rhythm of it, and in no time, you belong to some other universe. Every musician experiences the next level of comfortability, can’t be explained in words. 

Gone are the days when you have to wait for your friends to yell upon them for being late.

Travel guitars are easy to pack & have become a boon for the people who don’t like to waste their time, rather want to utilize to add, play and record some tunes to their playlist.

Highlighting a few key points so that every single detail becomes known to you, with ease:

  1. Efficiency

When we talk about being efficient, it deals with having no problem with storage.

Without giving any trouble, they easily mold according to various situations.

Whether it’s a friend’s party, night out, beach party, family functions, etc., these guitars fit best to the scene, irrespective of place, weather, time, or anything.

  1. Defining the term ‘comfort’

Being nice and smooth, they are easy to be handled and traveled.

Regardless of the position, whether sitting or standing, they are suitable for any age group people.

Furthermore, they are great for small hand people.

Few best travel guitars which are must for small hand individuals is Martin LX1 Little Martin, Baby Taylor BT2, Yamaha APX T2, Fender Mustang, and many more.

  1. Small Fretboard and Full-Size Fretboard:-

Smaller Fretboard

  • When we say ‘small fretboard’ or ‘ half size fretboard’, it implies that the size is reduced.
  • For this, we recommend Yamaha JR1 FG Junior 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar, Luna Safari Series Muse Mahogany, Cordoba Mini M Travel Acoustic Nylon String Guitar, and Taylor GS Mini Mahogany GS Mini Acoustic Guitar.

Full-Size Fretboard

  • Dealing with ‘full-size fretboard’, the users generally feel like a regular one is being handled by them.
  • B) Lastly, we must say that you may love to give up some portability to attain possession of a full-size fretboard.

The world’s smallest Guitar is only equivalent to 10 micrometers, just comparable to the size of a single cell!

Constructed in about 20 minutes by the researchers of Cornell University, & equivalent to 100 atoms laid end to end, having a thickness of each of its six strings about 0.05 mm 1/100.

Ranging from roaming and playing individually, it helps you to connect with numerous, talented people and share music with them, having the same taste! How cool, isn’t it?

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