5 Cool Ways to Pack Guitar for flight travel

Rather cut a sorry figure, you should follow some basic yet essential rules that can allow you to travel smoothly and safely without any worries.

How to Pack Guitar for flight travel

Know the rules of your flight:

  • The Transportation Security Administration or TSA advises checking with the aircraft before booking flights to understand the rules and regulations of carrying the guitar. 
  • It would be best if you mainly focused on the size of your travel guitar, including the case, which has to be measured within the inches. You can do this by calculating the total length, width, and height of your case, keeping in mind the requirements of your aircraft
  • To travel hassle-free, take a print out of the aircraft rules that you can take to the fight terminal upon the arrival of travel. Thereby, you can easily settle an issues, if there are any, with the components of your guitar. 

Guitar as checked things:

  • Nowadays, you can check in your guitar as a part of the gear, yet your instrument is supposed to be at extra danger of harm and robbery. 
  • We are well aware of what all happens with the luggage, so you ought to be cautious with the bad treatment of the luggage you carry along. Hence, you may stuff some clothes in that too!
  • Do consciously pack your guitar in a durable bag and then move directly to the baggage area for it to arrive, getting ensure that you can take your guitar off the baggage carousel before any other individual. 

Guitars as hand baggage & use of Hard Case:

  • It is currently an official guideline that guitars can be taken along as hand gear. When you apply for the booking, contact a flight to ensure there is sufficient space in the top compartments of your airplane to accommodate your guitar case. 
  • The main issue that is faced by many people is the place to put them. There may be two tricks that can be used which are: Either a little space in an upper compartment or a place in the storeroom where usually the guitars can be hung. However, be aware of the fact that it’s restricted space. 
  • Kindly note that the first bundling of your guitar won’t be lost easily except if you wrap it with folded papers or wrap it with your old clothes to secure it. 
  • Most importantly, be ready for your guitar and case to be checked via plane terminal security. Your flight guards can have a close check on your guitar in the holding area, but there may be chances that you don’t get loading up confirmation for it.

Gig bag

A Gig bag that you can believe in without harming your guitar. A case that you can always rely upon.

Try not to depend on a little packaging and carry it into the flight.

The guitars may be large enough to be kept in the upper compartments of the plane, so, take a note of it and don’t hesitate to keep it with your luggage.

Wet the guitar

It’s a smart thought to put a humidifier in the guitar pocket when you are planning to fly. The more smartly you can store your guitar, taking care of, lousy weather conditions and suffocating weights, the better!

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