Washburn Rover vs Martin Backpacker

Being traveling alone always tends to be boredom when you have kept your favorite guitar at home.

No matter what, you may feel angry as to why you couldn’t bring it along.
Surprisingly, we have brought forward something special for you!

A clear and simple distinction between the two most renowned guitars, i.e., Washburn Rover vs Martin Backpacker exclusively made for you!

Let us discuss each in-depth, thereby allowing you to have a fair comparison between the two, which are among the most influential travel guitars of our time.

Washburn Rover vs Martin Backpacker-Which one to choose?

Let’s start with the Washburn Rover, followed by Martin Backpacker.

Washburn Rover Guitar Review

The Washburn Rover guitars deliver the most desirable standards in its travel guitar, which are appropriate for music lovers of all levels.

A full 23 3/4 inches scale length, select mahogany back and sides, solid spruce tops, & several different options form a great sounding, great feeling, & a great looking guitar.

Though Washburn Rover looks small and delicate, it’s as stable and robust as any standard guitar in the world.

It is a good bargain that has decent build quality, lots of excellent features, and great playability.

If you require a guitar for quick practice sessions, travel, or just the best new notes to add to your gig rig as a backup, this is just what you always desire for.


Top WoodSolid Spruce
Back WoodMahogany
HardwareChrome hardware
ShapeRover Travel Size,
Travel / Mini
Style6 String Acoustic
Neck WoodMahogany
TunersChrome diecast
BridgeEngineered wood
Number Of Frets 18 frets
StringsD’Addario EXP16
coated phosphor bronze,
light, 12-53
InlaysOffset dots
Nut Width1-11/16″
FretboardEngineered wood

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Reasons to pick:

  • It can face the harsh weather conditions, allowing you to enjoy and be carefree without a second thought equally! 
  • It can handle the strong vibrations made on the strings or even the body shock.
  • The guitar is beautiful, great to look at, and doesn’t look like a cheap thing.
  • It provides a durable spruce top for its body. Spruce has one of the toughest tonewood and a durable spruce top, which offers the best durability to a guitar body.
  • The mahogany is one of the most typically used tonewoods for the parts, i.e., sides and back, as it has a fragile, warm, and decent tone. It can also help you add strength to your sound.
  • There’s very little to talk about the rosewood fingerboard. Rosewood here is the most well-known material utilized for guitar keys
  • You can’t expect rich and full sound qualities like the best quality guitar from a travel guitar.
  • This guitar provides so much flexibility that you can play it while walking on the streets or around campfires.
  • It has a full size of 23-3/4 inches scale so you can play your preferred chords.

You can also improve your techniques or try to perform many intricate combinations to record your music, with its true essence ultimately.

Washburn Rover vs Martin Backpacker

Reasons to avoid:

  • Due to its small size, the Rover is not lovely to hold while sitting. It has a strap to hold, which decreases the strain on your arms.
  • For some users, the guitar is not loud. Unless you hook up a microphone or pickup, don’t expect to play to a room with this thing.
  • The full-size neck-stock is much heavier than the tiny body.
  • The horrible chemical stench from the case feels unpleasent & may cause some harm.
  • Initially, holding this thing without a strap feels awkward.


  • Portable Case
  • Back straps
  • Truss rod


  • Action is set very high.
  • A high/low fret problem

Know its worth

Being a very lightweight, packable, and well-made guitar, which is light on the bass, this is the guitar that one wishes to buy.

Considering action as good, it can play all strings up to 16th fret, the top two to 18th, and also, a truss rod so it can be adjusted like a regular guitar, all this makes this guitar, a stand-out and standalone for many years.

Martin Backpacker Guitar Review

These guitars are made from high-grade materials & are uniquely designed. 

Martin has introduced numerous developments for the smooth functioning and more purchase of the guitar thereby, making it one of the world’s leading brands in the creation of guitars, especially steel-string guitars.

Right out of the box, the Backpacker is not only a pleasure to play but a unique experience as well.

It sounds perfect, has exceptional sustain, & its quirky appearance and balance kind of begs you to make it your own and feel out what it can do.

It has a very unique dynamic &, as such, has been used plugged in to obtain a sporadic sound in the studio.


ConstructionUnique To Backpacker
Top Bracing Pattern Unique To Backpacker
Top Braces Solid Spruce
TopSolid Spruce
Body SizeUnique To Backpacker
Fingerboard Width at 12th Fret 2-3/8”
Nut MaterialCorian
Neck ShapeUnique Contour
Bridge StyleUnique To Classic Backpacker
Bridge String Spacing2.415”
Bridge Material Richlite
Number of Frets Clear15
Number of Frets Total15
Fingerboard Width at Nut1-15/16”
Tuning Machines Chrome w/ Small Buttons
Recommended StringsMartin M160 Silverplated
Ball End Classical.
Fingerboard MaterialRichlite
Scale Length24”
Side MaterialSolid Tonewood
Finish NeckHand Rubbed Finish
Neck MaterialSolid Hardwood
Back MaterialSolid Tonewoods
Finish Back & SidesHand Rubbed Finish
Finish TopHand Rubbed Finish

Reasons to pick:

  • The guitar is made to endure any sort of external conditions. The body is comprised of a durable spruce top and laminated mahogany back and sides.
  • It is most likely the best material for making a travel guitar, considering its sound characteristics and quality, as in Washburn Rover.
  • Martin Backpacker is more reliable than the numerous models in a comparable quality. 
  • Its so user friendly that it could be taken along, anywhere in the world whether in a room full of people in acoustic clubs or for the picnic in the far off places where tents can be grounded.
  • You can also carry it along your shoulders and it causes no inconvenience whether for a cyclist or for a mountaineer.
  • The strong spruce top generates a clear, amazing solid sound even with a desired resonance.
  • You will generally get a better than usual sound with Martin Backpacker.
  • But on the other side, its fun and warm, especially at the friendly gathering during a camp.
  • Additionally, it has a full size of 24 inches so you can play the most mind-boggling and delightful chords. 
  • The Martin offers suitable flexibility to the users so that they can pick between a steel and a nylon string type. Carry the one you prefer and travel.

The heavy top could astonish you but have faith. Due to the mass, it can make you harder to move when placed on the shoulders.

Martin Backpacker vs Washburn Rover

Reasons to avoid:

  • Quite difficult to play comfortably. The body shape makes it impossible to rest on your leg –it just slides off if you try to. 
  • Sometimes, you may be forced to play it while it’s hanging from a strap. 
  • But the narrow-body size makes it too easy for the guitar to rotate.
  • The playability is awful & downright frustrating.
  • It’s not very comfortable & hard to hold, especially when playing high on the neck.


  • Strappy-mount pegs
  • Great intonation
  • Takes very little room


  • Action is a bit high
  • Astoundingly heavy
  • Short neck


Considering the positive reviews on the two guitars mentioned above, we can offer our reaction with an assessment between Washburn Rover vs. Martin Backpacker. No doubt they are among the best travel guitars in the market.

Considering the positive review of the two guitars above, we can finally offer our reaction to the assessment between them. 

We love the performance of the structure just as the lovely solid of a travel guitar, recommending the Martin Backpacker as our preferred choice.

Be that as it may, this reality can’t change the demerits of a guitar being a heavyweight.

Or above all, everybody has various needs.

So your decision doesn’t need to be equivalent to our own. Pick what suits your needs and conditions.

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  1. I have both, and the Rover plays better, sounds better (as far as that goes), feels better and looks better than the Backpacker. The only thing that is better about the Backpacker is when people see the Martin brand they assume (like you did) that the Backpacker is better and that you are a better guitar player for having it, then regale you with stories about their boyfriend’s brother also has a Martin and almost had a gig with the Doobie Brothers except the van broke down before it got out of the driveway.


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